New Customization Available! The Swift-shot Archer

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Hey everyone!

This post comes a bit delayed,  I’m really sorry about that. But we released a new update with a new customization set for the Season 01 collection. The Swift-shot Archer is a cute archer girl, and comes with an awesome new weapon: the Arcane Bow!

This is not only the first Project Tilt customization that is visibly a woman (even though many of the other ones are not explicitly male or female), but also the first in a few other things:

  • This set has 2 options for Hat. You can wear the long haired version, or the hood! Since we really liked both, we decided to add both to the collection and you can choose which one you’d like to wear.
  • This set is the first ever to have a SKIN slot! This means you can customize the texture of the robot, changing the body and eye color!
  • It’s also the first set to be inspired by medieval fantasy stuff!

We’re super excited about it, and hope you guys like it too!

The initial concept art sketch:

For those who are interested, I made this drawing live on our Twitch channel. We usually stream our process, and it might be interesting if you want to know more about how the game is made, or meet the team behind Project Tilt! 🙂  You can follow the channel and watch us at



A teaser we published on our facebook page!


And this is what the set looks like:


This is how it looks like with the hood hat equipped, instead of the long hair hat:


Which one do you like the most?


And the Foil version:


And, last, a close-up on the Skin textures:

Since this is a robot imbued with arcane power, it has runes all over its body. And the eye color is different too, so if you always wanted a red-eyed bot to fight with, now is your chance 😉 (and this is just the first set of skin textures we made. We plan on making many more!)

Archer skin

Normal Skin

Archer Skin Foil

Foil Skin


Tell us what you think about it!